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Opals have all the colours of the rainbow. Opals have the glow of the Northern Lights. The dramatic flash of summer lightning. All the colours of the evening sky are captured in the mysterious, shifting hues of Opals. With their pulsating display of fire and colour, Opals were long thought to hold magical powers. For this reason, rare Opals were often reserved for royalty. The crown of the Holy Roman Emperor held a superb example, a fiery red Opal called “The Burning of Troy”. This was given as a gift from Napoleon to Josephine - forming part of the crown jewels of France. Queen Victoria also loved Opals, and often presented them as wedding gifts. The changeable colours and flashing fire seen in Opals are symbolic of love, life, hope and truth. Opals rainbow of colours makes Opals an ideal fashion accessory with year-round appeal, particularly among those who seek drama and harmonic balance. Opal are often the chosen gem to celebrate those born in October. Opals are also is the gems used to commemorate the 12th, 14th or 18th wedding anniversary.

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